OET or IELTS is an exam which has been designed for the health professionals. Why does one prepare and give a general exam like IELTS?

IELTS or OET? OET: A great choice for the health professionals.

To have professional text for your medical profession looks nice on your resume. It has been recognized by the healthcare providers and hospitals as a nice qualification to work as a healthcare professional.

OET gives you many benefits and an edge over IELTS examination if you are a medical healthcare professional. OET is an exam that assesses the languages skills in healthcare management.

IELTS is an exam which assesses the English language skills in a general or academic context.

Which is difficult or simple – OET or IELTS?
OET is easier if you have completed of if you are studying a health related degree or diploma. In case you have experience as a healthcare expert in Australia, New Zealand or an English speaking country, you can get the benefit of OET because it will be specific to your healthcare profession and you can use your medical knowledge and vocabulary to score nice marks.

Listening IELTS:

There are four parts on the general topics. OET has two parts. Part A is a medical interview and that is taking notes.

Part B is a lecture on a health topic. The question types are short answers, gap fill and completion of table style. The vital skills tested here are note taking. OET is not that cumbersome as it seems to be.

Reading IELTS: There are 3 readings Gap Fill, MCQ , True or False or Not given questions on general topics.
OET: Part A is a summary gap fill and part B is MCQ on health topics.