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Oet Test Venue

OET Test Venue

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OET has a broad network of test venues which are over 70 locations in 30 countries all over the world. OET is a reputed English language test for which OET venues enable the regular delivery all around the world. One can have the OET test venue and join the network of all the test venues.

Quality Test

OET is devoted to facilitating nice quality products, support and services system. The venues play a pivotal role in maintenance of high standards. We maintain professionalism and help in achieving the same thing from your staff to your facilities.


OET Venue staff gets full training as a part of the venue approval and also the venue accreditation process. This training is provided by CBLA at no cost to the organization. Full training is facilitated in a professional way.
OET candidates are highly trained and skilled in the healthcare professions and provide their great level of proficiency in the English language. The English language skills are of great relevance. OET venues facilitate this facility. They give full support to the candidates to achieve this objective. The support system provided to the candidates is strong.

One can send us the queries if there are any doubts. One can check and verify the results. OET results verification service allows the organizations that recognize OET to verify the OET statement of results online in a reliable manner. The process of verification is a great aspect.

Access to Online Results Verification Service

A person can have access to the Online Results Verification service to the authorized organizations which recognize OET. There are user guides, training and access to the form which are provided to the organizations for OET recognition. This helps the venue partner in many ways.

What is the procedure for verification?

If you get an official statement of result, you can utilize their secure login for the verification of the details. One can find that the SOR is correct and accurate. There are several aspects that help in verifying that an SOR is original and this can prove to be very useful.

One can call our helpline to take help regarding the OET registration fees. The candidates who take OET need their own email address. The candidates can apply online for OET through the website www.oetexam.com.