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OET Coaching At Seabird

Online OET Coaching

OET Coaching at Seabird is imparted by OET professionals who have immense experience and have in depth knowledge of the OET examinations. We have guest lecturers from government departments, nursing homes and Australian hospitals etc who visit our Academy on a regular basis to conduct OET workshops on a wide range of health related topics.

We have been helping health professionals to prepare for OET. OET is an examination of choice for health professionals as you may use your medical vocabulary and knowledge to pass this examination.

We have planned this course to make you successfully pass this examination. There are several benefits of studying online classes of OET with Seabird Online. We also have a vocabulary and grammar session for writing. It will assist you honing your skills to write a letter with introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

You will learn how to do the analysis of case notes and also choose the appropriate information. You may develop the skills in summary and paragraphs in an effective manner. The health professionals from the non-English communicating backgrounds have to pass the OET. The OET is related to different existing health professionals including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary, dietetics and radiography.

Our online course has been designed to assist the students make preparations for OET and it is the test which meets the requirements for English for registration in the health profession. The course offered by Seabird International stresses in providing the students a logical and a clear knowledge of the examinations and also its requirements with the help of an integrated approach towards learning.

A detailed attention is provided to the productive examination strategies. There are time based practice of every module and also a full mock test which is held on a regular basis. There are individualized lessons with flexible lesson times. There are audio files for speaking and listening also. You may study at any place and any time at your own place.

Seabird International provides preparation courses for the tests and can support the students in whichever path they opt to gain nursing registration in New Zealand, Australia or Singapore.

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  • One to One Lessons with flexible lesson times.
  • Writing Correction, grading and trainer feedback.
  • Audio files for listening and speaking as well.
  • Study anywhere , anytime at your own place.

SEABIRD INTERNATIONAL offers preparation courses for both tests and is able to support students in whichever path they choose to gain nursing registration in Australia, New-Zealand or Singapore