OET Coaching In Amritsar

OET in Amritsar

OET in Amritsar

OET Coaching In Amritsar

OET Coaching in Amritsar provides the best online training for the OET students in Amritsar. We have the best online setup where the students have the classes on their mobile phones and laptops.
We work hard to improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. OET course training makes you prepared for the OET test.
Which students and professionals can do the Occupational English Test Course?
There are 12 allied health professions which do OET:

  • OET Dentistry
  • OET Dietetics
  • OET Medicine
  • OET Nursing
  • OET Occupational Therapy
  • OET Optometry
  • OET Pharmacy
  • OET Physiotherapy
  • OET Podiatry
  • OET Radiography
  • OET Speech Pathology
  • OET Veterinary Science.

    Above said professions students from Amritsar can take OET classes. OET in Amritsar.

Benefits of Occupational English Test and where is it used and recognized

OET test is recognized by different governing bodies at state and national levels in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Every board has its own requirements of the OET professions. Every council or board determines the results of the candidates and decides the competency standards required to function in their profession.

4 modules in OET are:

  1. OET reading
  2. OET writing
  3. OET listening
  4. OET speaking

We teach Letter writing both formal and informal letters

  • We train the students in both formal and informal letter writing.
  • We teach you to write hospital admission letters, patient discharge letters, p
  • atient referral letters etc.

  • We improve the speaking with respect to the Australian tone.
  • We stress on improving the pronunciation for everyday hospital work.
  • We help in improving your functional language
  • We teach you how to take patient histories
  • Special trainings are provided about how to deal with the teenagers, children, adults and older Australians.
  • We are aware of the Australian health care sector and how the different government departments function and how the councils function. .W
  • We give personal attention on speed reading and comprehension for all the OET test modules.
  • We provide specialized training about how to be aware of the text and answer specific questions linked with the text.
  • OET Coaching in Amritsar, Punjab is provided by well experienced professionals from New Zealand.

OET coaching in Amritsar in Punjab

OET preparation course is taught by well experienced Medical and English professionals from New Zealand who have complete knowledge of the OET exam. We have faculty from Australia who facilitate guest lectures to our students. They are from different hospitals, nursing homes, government departments etc.