There are several frequently asked questions which the students have in their minds. OET FAQ helps a great deal in answering your questions.

Q. How long does it take to finish the course?
Ans: It takes two to three months to complete the course.

Q. Is it online course or classroom coaching?
Ans: We have an institute in Mohali and Australia and we provide online coaching.

Q: Which English level is needed to join this course?
Ans: The students with an IELTS score of 6 or above can take up this course. The students who have scored well in their English subjects in the past qualification are eligible for this course.

Q: Should I do OET or IELTS? Can you give me advice?
Ans: OET is best for those candidates who are health professionals or are related to the healthcare industry wherein IELTS is meant for general academic purposes.

Who recognizes OET?

OET is recognized and trusted by more than thirty regulatory councils and health care bodies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Different colleges, hospitals and universities are using OET as a proof of the ability of the candidate to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.

OET is recognized by the Department of immigration and border protection in Australia for many visa categories for the student and work visas.

Differences between IELTS and OET

If a candidate is for IELTS and does not get the required score, he or she will need to give the exam again. In OET, the candidate needs to repeat the failed module only. The fees will be charged for the specific module only.