OET in India

OET in India


OET in India

OET in India has a lot of scope and buyers yet it has not reached the mass. What makes us best is that our teachers are from healthcare background. They all have language education/linguistic backgrounds of the same. This further helps the students get training from the best educators who have on field experience. OET in India

Because of this, students feel confident that all the training they are getting of clinical English are from real clinical situations by experienced healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, our health professional students get a lot of help in improving their exam and real clinical communication performance!

Our main objective is to help our students pass the OET exam; but then we also help our students in their employment and settlement process, up to the point that they feel confident with their clinical English communication skills in their eventual healthcare position.

We also provide many post – OET exam services.

Following are the service we provide:

  • Training for healthcare interviews
  • Preparation for different clinical tests
  • Helping in updating your CV
  • Creating up your job profile.
  • Creating cover letter.
  • Providing with real situation clinical English coaching for doctors and nurses working in critical care, mental health, general medicine, general clinical care and general medicine-surgery.

    Candidates require a minimum of grade B in each skill in order to pass the OET exam. Based on the requirements of AMC (Australian Medical Council), all skills must be passed in one sitting. The dentists are, however, exempt from this ruling as ADC (Australian Dental Council) rules have not changed and the candidates can pass the four skills in multiple sittings. It must be noted that the validity of the test is for two years starting from the date of the first passed skill.