OET Online Coaching

OET Online Coaching

OET Online Coaching

OET Online Coaching

OET Online Coaching and Online OET training at Seabird International is facilitated by the experts who have great deal of experience and have indepth knowledge of the OET exam and OET test structure. They have got guest lecturers from government departments, Australian hospitals, nursing homes etc who visit our academy to conduct OET workshops on a broad range of health related topics. Online classes and training is facilitated by these professionals.

It was difficult previously for any individual to come at a common place and make preparations for the OET exam. There are various online mediums accessible which will bring the classroom in your own room. A student can get the benefit and take OET classes on your mobile, laptop and desktop. You can take the classes with the assistance of your mobile phone at any place you want to. You will get the option to do the recording of the video and save the audio files so that you may re-check them and the study material whenever you want to. There are many options accessible with which you may participate online with the help of audio visual aids with your teacher.

There are various online mediums and channels with which you may prepare for the OET exam.

  • OET test for nurses
  • OET is suitable for the nurses
  • Nurses can get themselves registered by passing the OET examination

If you do well in the OET exam, it will assist you to study and work in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore
The communication skills and the language of the medical professionals do matter a great deal in order to work as a registered healthcare professional.

It is recognized by many government departments in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.
There are four modules for OET like Listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Listening involves 50 minutes, reading consists of 60 minutes, Writing consists of 45 minutes and speaking is of 20 minutes.

Why choose Seabird International for OET?

OET language test is for globally qualified medical professionals who wish to get admission to the training courses or registration to practice their profession in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

OET Coaching is available in Mohali, Chandigarh and Punjab. Seabird International is a reputed institute in Chandigarh with the sole objective to improve the skills in speaking, grammar, fluency and writing.

OET Vs IELTS – Which test is best for you?

There are some variations between the 2 tests with respect to their usage terms on the nursing practice of a candidate. OET is very useful for the medical health professionals and the general students can apply for the IELTS examination.

Information on OET – Online Training and Online Course Options
OET provides a valid assessment of the 4 language skills like speaking, reading, listening and writing. It lays emphasis on the active communication in health and medical professional settings. OET has got four sub-tests.