OET Registration

OET Registration

OET Registration

OET Registration

The candidates are required to possess their own email address in OET registration. They can get themselves registered on their website.
OET Registration fees: Each candidate who gives the OET exam need their own email address. Candidates need to apply online through the website www.oetexam.com.

It is pivotal to input all the data in a precise manner.

Your visa number or national ID card will be utilized for evidence purposes at the test. In case the evidence you bring when you come for the test is not in coordination with your online record, you will not be allowed to sit

OET Registration and Fee structure

  • If you sit for the test in Australia, then you have to give your present international ID as proof and not the picture ID and this includes the travel documents.
  • If you are not able to show a present national ID card or visa on the test day for some reasons, you need to get in touch with the OET center through an online enquiry.
  • The address in our database will show the statement of results when you insert it. It is the place where you results will be sent.
  • To apply for OET, you require an appropriate digital photo. The rules of the photograph will be on the first page of the application process for the identification proof or the international ID number.
  • OET is recognized in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.
  • OET requires language competency proof.
  • OET Registration Fees
    OET practice materials can be accessed at our website. You may get OET registration and fees also. The candidates may download the study material from www.oetexam.com. The additional practice materials can be taken from the OET bookshop.

    There are various study centers for OET arrangement everywhere.
    You can access the OET practice materials on the website.
    One can get OET registration and fees.

    The candidates can download the study material from www.oetexam.com. The extra materials may be taken from our website. The extra practice materials can be taken from the OET bookshop.

    There are different study centers for OET arrangement.

    What after you pass OET exam?

    You can practice or work at an English speaking environment

    There are many organizations such as colleges, hospitals and universities which utilize OET as an evidence of the potential of the candidate to communicate in a challenging healthcare environment.

    OET Test Centers
    OET is administered in several areas of the world. Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai are the standard OET tests which focus in India. In case you do not see a test center near you, it may be that they have not come across the requests there.

    The accurate venue elements and timetable will be sent to the competitor by an email two weeks before the test date. The candidates need to check the OET website for important announcements.