Online OET Classes

Online OET Classes

Online OET Classes

Online OET classes

Online OET classes are available with timings which are according to your liking. OET is a test to work as registered health professionals in some countries. OET is important as the health professionals from the non-English speaking countries need to pass the OET exam. They work in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Canada.

OET exam is for 12 health professionals. The online OET course helps the students in preparing for the OET test. OET meets the English language requirements in the above listed professions. The course facilitated by Seabird International facilitates the students with complete awareness of the examination and its requirements.

We lay stress on the plans that facilitate great results of the OET exam. There is time based practice of each and every module so that it gives the students complete knowledge of the exam and is requirements. We give complete attention to the plans that give fast results. There are mock tests that are held on a consistent basis and which provide the finest results. The OET trainers provide the best training to the OET students.

OET study material

  • We make specific plans to pass the OET examination.
  • We take immense care of the vocabulary of words and phrases for speaking and writing.
  • We give full assessment of how to pass OET and how to score well in OET

There are updated tasks for listening, reading, speaking and writing.

  • The original material is facilitated by the trainers.
  • We provide full access to the study material online and on the campus
  • We provide you with the vocabulary kit
  • The oral communication tasks are provided on a consistent basis.
  • We give you the exam kit


  • We facilitate one to one lessons
  • You can choose the timings which are best for you
  • You can get grading of the sample test give to you
  • We facilitate you with the audio files for the OET listening material
  • We facilitate you with the audio files for the OET speaking material
  • You can study at any place by making use of your mobile
  • You may opt for your classes any time of your choice
  • OET Coaching is available in Mohali and Chandigarh campus. We have the best institutes in Chandigarh and Mohali
  • and have an objective to hone your skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading.