Online OET Guide

Online OET Guide

Online OET Guide

Online OET Guide

Online OET guide and Online Coaching at Seabird is facilitated by the medical professionals who have immense experience and have complete knowledge of the OET exam. We have got guest lecturers from government departments, Australian hospitals, nursing homes etc who come to our Academy on a consistent basis to conduct the OET workshops on a broad range of health related topics.

Tips to pass the OET examination

  • You have to make a plan before the start of the examination
  • You have to make a habit of reading daily. It can be newspapers, magazines etc.
  • You need to manage your time in an effective manner
  • You have to make an attempt to speak in English and that will bring about a lot of confidence in yourself.
  • You can improve your vocabulary and take help from the dictionary
  • It is good to read the medical journals as it will assist you in getting good grades in OET.
  • It is good to find the keywords in the test.
  • You have to work hard on your note taking skills and keep on practicing
  • You have to review your medical terminology and work on prefixes and suffixes
  • You have to keep a constant check on pronunciation of the medical terms

Speaking Tips for OET exam

  • You can do role play practice
  • You can work on the explanation of a point
  • You can work on making your clients reassured
  • You need to work on basic conversation structure which includes introduction followed by a discussion of the topic
  • and then finishing off the conversation.
  • Writing tips for OET examination
  • It is important to set up a letter in a right manner
  • You have to write in a clear and a precise manner
  • It is good to have knowledge of the given stimulus
  • You will have to review various abbreviations of the medical terms such as ECG, BP, MRI, MMR etc.
  • You need to have accurate knowledge of the standard format of the letter
  • You have to stress on accurate communication

OET E-Learning or OET Online Learning
E-Learning means Electronic learning. This means utilizing a PC or a mobile gadget to exhibit a part of the course if it is in school or a separation adapting course. The virtual classrooms provide the most feasible learning environment which gives a chance to get awareness through the internet.

Advantages of OET Online

There are many advantages of e-learning if you can utilize it in a group or alone. One can choose the timings as per your liking. You have the option to choose the structure of the course in accordance to your profession.

Saves time and financially simple
Internet learning can save you a lot of time and money. Online learning is highly beneficial and saves a great deal of time and money.

Learn all day long and at any place
There are many courses that exist in the available time. You have to study and learn in the specified time frame and not do any work in that time period. In case you miss the classes, you can miss the lessons and content from that class. You can learn at any time of the day. One can learn any time of the day via online learning. You have to record and keep the video and audio files to study at a later time. One can take classes even when you are out.